We have seen the over all number of current active listings in the Whistler Listing System drop from 773 on Sept 18, 08 to 691 as of Jan 10, 09.  Active chalet listings decreased by 16%, active condo listings decreased by 15%, active town house listings decreased by 7%, active vacant land listings increased by 22% and active shared owner listings decreased by 19%.

                 Sales volume in Whistler typically increases during the Fall lowering the number of active listings by the end of the calendar year.  In the Fall of 2008, sales volume increased, but compared to Fall of 2007, it was lower. Despite the lower sales volume, active listings still decreased during the period Sept08-Jan09.

                 Active Whistler listing inventory levels fluctuate every year in small amounts. This trend has continued despite the current economic climate. Whistler has not seen a large increase in current active Whistler listings.  Once again, Whistler is shown to be a stable and a safe real estate market to invest and to own a property in.  Check out some of Whistler current property listings.